David Steinberg, Ph.D.




    Duke University - Biology


    Ken Lohmann, Ph.D.


My family has always stressed upon me the dire need for effective education in underserved communities. My grandparents, parents, and brother have all chosen to teach in inner-city K-12 schools, but I have been drawn to education at the college-level, where research is encouraged and helps satisfy my nearly insatiable curiosity in biology. I am confident that the SPIRE program will provide me with the tools and experience necessary to successfully teach in underserved communities, while continuing to allow me to conduct research that I can incorporate into my own courses.

My research interests lie at the intersection of sensory physiology and behavior. For my dissertation work, I investigated the mechanism of motion vision in tropical lizards and tested the influence of sensory system properties and environmental factors on the behavioral responses of individuals. I am excited about working with Dr. Ken Lohmann (Department of Biology, UNC-Chapel Hill) to expand upon this line of research by examining the ontogeny of sensory system response. More specifically, I will explore how sensory experiences in early life shape sensory system function and behavior in adulthood (i.e., imprinting).


  • Spring 2017
    • Concepts of Biology II - North Carolina A&T State University