Emily Moorefield, Ph.D.


  • Cell Biology and Physiology


  • Wake Forest University - Molecular Medicine & Translational Science


    P. Kay Lund, Ph.D.


My interest in scientific research and education began as an undergraduate at UNC where I majored in Biology.  During my time as an undergraduate, I conducted research in the lab of Dr. Mark Peifer on cell adhesion during morphogenesis in Drosophila.  After graduation, I continued performing research in a cancer immunology lab at Johns Hopkins University where I also earned a Master’s degree in Biotechnology. 

My graduate studies in the Molecular Medicine and Translational Science program at Wake Forest University focused on the use of stem cell-based regenerative medicine to advance therapeutics for diabetes patients. Under the guidance of Dr. Colin Bishop and Dr. Mark Furth at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine, I worked to differentiate amniotic fluid stem cells and patient-specific induced pluripotent stem cells toward insulin-producing cells.  As a graduate student, I also had the rewarding experience of sharing my research interests through mentoring and guest lecturing at area universities. 

I am happy to be back at UNC working with Dr. Kay Lund and Dr. Scott Magness where I will examine the effects of aging on intestinal stem cells.  I look forward to continuing my training in research, mentoring and classroom teaching and am excited by the balance of these activities emphasized by SPIRE.



    Fall 2014
    • Cell Biology, Johnson C. Smith University
    • Regenerative Medicine, Johnson C. Smith University
    Spring 2014
    • Cell Biology, Johnson C. Smith University