Anne Casper, Ph.D.

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Anne Casper, Ph.D.

  • Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
    Duke University
    Carl Bld., Rm 381
    CB #3054
    Durham, NC 27710


  • Ph.D. Human Genetics, University of Michigan


  • Tom Petes, Ph.D.


Dr. Casper is currently Associate Professor in the Biology Department at Eastern Michigan University.


  • Spring 2008
    • Biology Seminar II: Shaw University
    • Genetics (with lab): Shaw University
    • Molecular Cell Biology (with lab): Shaw University
  • Fall 2007
    • General Biology: Shaw University
    • Senior Seminar (team taught): Shaw University


  • Casper AM, Mieczkowski PA, Gawel M, and Petes TD. (2008) Low levels of DNA polymerase alpha induce mitotic and meiotic instability in the ribosomal DNA gene cluster of Saccharomyces cerevisiae. PLoS Genetics 4(6): 1-11. e1000105. PMCID:PMC2430618
  • Casper AM; Greenwell PW; Tang W; Petes TD; 2009. Chromosome aberrations resulting from double-strand DNA breaks at a naturally occurring yeast fragile site composed of inverted ty elements are independent of Mre11p and Sae2p. Genetics 183(2): 1Sl-26Sl; PMCID: PMC2766307