Dina Leech, Ph.D.

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Dina Leech, Ph.D.



  • Ph.D. Environmental Science, Lehigh University


  • Robert Wetzel, Ph.D. and Andreas Teske, Ph.D.


Dr. Leech is currently Associate Professor in the Department of Biology at Longwood University in Farmville, VA


  • Spring 2005
    • Introduction to Biology: University of North Carolina at Pembroke
  • Fall 2005
    • Limnology: UNC Chapel Hill


  • Leech, D.M., Snyder, MT, Wetzel, RG. 2009. Natural organic matter and sunlight accelerate the degradation of 17ss-estradiol in water. Sci. Total Environ. 407(6): 2087-92.

    Chow, A., Leech, D., Singer, P., Boyer, T. (2008). Impact of solar irradiation on disinfection byproduct precursors. Environmental Science and Technology. 42(15): 5586-5593.
  • Lango, A., Leech, D., and R.G. Wetzel. (2007). Indirect effects of elevated atmospheric CO2 and UV radiation on culturable bacteria. Fundamental and Applied Limnology 168: 327-333.