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Katie Shannon, Ph.D.

  • Missouri University of Science and Technology Department of Biological Sciences 105 Schrenk Hall Rolla, MO 65409


  • Ph.D. Cell and Developmental Biology, Harvard Medical School


  • Ted Salmon, Ph.D.


Dr. Katie Shannon is currently an Associate Teaching Professor of Biology at Missouri University of Science & Technology in Rolla, MO.


  • Spring 2003
    • Cell Biology: Fayetteville State University
    • Molecular Genetics: Fayetteville State University
  • Fall 2004
    • Molecular Biology Module (6-weeks): North Carolina Central University


  • Shannon, K.B., Canman, J.C., Moree, C.B., Tirnauer, J.S., Salmon, E.D. (2005) Taxol-stabilized microtubules can position the cytokinetic furrow in mammalian cells. Molecular Biology of the Cell. 16: 423-4436.
  • Shannon, K.B., Salmon, E.D. (2002) Chromosome dynamics: new light on Aurora B function. Current Biology. 12: R458-460.
  • Canman, J.C., Sharma, N., Straight, A., Shannon, K.B., Fang, G., Salmon, E.D. (2002) Anaphase onset does not require the microtubule-dependent depletion of kinetochore and centromere-binding proteins. Journal of Cell Science. 115: 3787-3795.
  • Shannon, K.B., Canman, J.C., Salmon, E.D. (2002) Mad2 and BubR1 Function in a single pathway that responds to a loss of tension. Molecular Biology of the Cell. 13: 3706-3719.