Shirley Crenshaw, Ph.D.

  • Cell & Developmental Biology


    Colorado State University - Chemistry


  • Keith Burridge, Ph.D.


Coming from an underprivileged background I was unaware I could attend college. My high school counselor encouraged me to apply to colleges. I attended into Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology because of their great reputation and graduated with a B.S. in chemistry. While at Rose-Hulman I did research, with a professor in analytical chemistry. He encouraged me to apply to graduate school. I got accepted into to Colorado State University’s (CSU) chemistry program where I did research studying the Luteinizing hormone receptor aggregation state in the plasma membrane. I successfully received my Ph.D. in analytical chemistry from CSU and became fascinated with biophysics and biomedical sciences.

While attending CSU and looking back on my experiences, I realized the dire need for minority representation of professors in the STEM fields. After the SPIRE fellowship, I would adequately be prepared to recruit underprivileged, unrepresented minorities and women into the STEM fields. The key to helping these students succeed lays in having strong mentors within the STEM disciplines. Additionally, many students transitioning from high school to college lack a mentor in science that can actually help them achieve their career goals. I also experienced this, not only as an undergraduate, but also as a graduate student. I got a teaching dissertation fellowship from Augustana College in Rock Island, IL. There, I would discuss my research in my classes to undergraduates making them aware of career choices in addition to the very popular pre-med option. The SPIRE fellowship will help improve my prospective of the biological science field, thus I will be more prepared to offer more detail in classes for undergraduates and I will have more knowledge when discussing opportunities in various STEM fields.

As a SPIRE postdoctoral scholar, I am working in Dr. Keith Burridge’s lab studying protein tyrosine phosphatases and their involvement with cancer. I am exited to get started with this postdoc where I can do the three things I am passionate about mentoring, educating and research.



  • Spring 2014
    • General Chemistry, North Carolina A&T State University