2008 IRACDA Conference

WHEN: June 8-11, 2008

WHERE: UNC Chapel Hill, Chapel Hill, NC

UNC Chapel Hill's SPIRE program hosted this year's annual IRACDA Conference bringing together the eleven currently funded programs from across the country. IRACDA scholars, PIs, faculty, staff and NIGMS administration participated in professional development workshops, panel discussions, talks, and poster sessions. A total of 154 attendees participated in the conference.

Conference Agenda and Resources

Monday June 9, 2008

Genetic Scale-up Goes Public - Genotyping in the Consumer World
Center for Genomics and Society - UNC Chapel Hill
Academic Careers: Roles, Responsibilities, and Responses
Dr. Kay Lund- Professor, Cell & Molecular Physiology, UNC Chapel Hill
Teaching Workshop - "Backwards Course Design"
Dr. Ed Neal - UNC Center for Teaching and Learning
Ed Neal's handout (PDF format)
Approaches to education, teaching, and what works and what doesn't
Dr. Richard Superfine - Professor, Physics and Astronomy, UNC Chapel Hill
Dr. Frank Church - Professor, Pathology, UNC Chapel Hill Church.ppt
Dr. Greg Goins - Associate Professor, Biology, North Carolina A&T University Goins.ppt

Tuesday June 10, 2008

Financial Planning Seminar for IRACDA Scholars
TIAA-CREF representatives
Reality Checks for the New Faculty Hire: Understanding the Culture
Dr. Goldie Byrd - Professor, Biology, North Carolina A&T University
Dr. Joe Thompson - Assistant Professor, Biology, Franklin & Marshall College
Dr. Christina Burch - Biology, UNC Chapel Hill
Approaches to Research-based Courses in Science
Dr. Le Paliulis - Paliulis.ppt
Drs. Kowalski and Liu - Kowalski and Liu.ppt
Drs. Hester, Juarez, and Villa - Hester et al.ppt
Dr. Peprah - Peprah.ppt
Fundable Grants: Understanding the Review Process
Dr. Bob Duronio - Professor, Biology, UNC Chapel Hill
Dr. Allyn Howlett - Professor, Physiology, Wake Forest University
Dr. Goldie Byrd - Professor, Biology, North Carolina A&T University
Dr. Adrienne Cox - Associate Professor, Radiation Oncology, UNC Chapel Hill
Dr. Doug Cyr - Professor, Cell & Developmental Biology, UNC Chapel Hill
Fundable Grants.ppt
The Grant Writing Experience and Managing the Funded Grant
Dr. Bob Poage - Assistant Professor, Biology, UNC Pembroke
Dr. Dinitra White - Assistant Professor, Biology, North Carolina A&T University
Dr. Mitch McVey - Assistant. Professor, Biology, Tufts University