C.A.S.L. Club at UNC Pembroke

SPIRE Scholars Dr. Conner Sandefur and Dr. Claire Gordy designed and implemented a non-credit seminar course aimed at improving students' skills and confidence in reading scientific journal articles at UNC - Pembroke. The C.A.S.L. Club (pronounced ‘Castle Club’) provides UNCP undergraduate students with training in Critical Analysis of Scientific Literature. During the first half of the semester, the students worked as a group to develop a strategy for critically reviewing a scientific article and practiced on a facilitator-selected paper that introduced the students to the history and environmental impact of mining-related pollution at the Tar Creek Superfund Site in Oklahoma. In the second half of the semester, the students learned how to use electronic databases to search for scientific articles. The students then selected papers related to the Tar Creek disaster to present in small groups. Drs. Sandefur and Gordy tracked the students' perceived skill level and confidence in reading and analyzing scientific literature at the beginning and end of the course and plan to report their findings in an upcoming publication.

Pictured are (left to right): Back row: Dr. Claire Gordy, Carlisha Hall, Caleb Stubbs, Alex Cole Foster, Cary Mundell, Robert Lamb, Dr. Conner Sandefur; Front row: Sarah Ruiz, Marsalis Smith, Christopher Long, and Jordan Smink. (Not pictured: Catheryn Wilson)