Past Scholars Contribute to Discipline Based Education Research

  • Former SPIRE scholars Becca Price (Associate Professor, University of Washington-Bothell) and Kathryn Perez (Associate Professor, University of Wisconsin – La Crosse) recently published an article focused on their continued work elucidating students’ misconceptions of evolutionary processes:
  • Price, Andrews, McElhinny, Mead, Abraham, Thanukos, and Perez. The Genetic Drift Inventory: A Tool for Measuring What Advanced Undergraduates Have Mastered about Genetic Drift CBE Life Sci Educ March 3, 2014 13:65-75; doi:10.1187/cbe.13-08-0159
  • Other related publications include:
  • Abraham, J.K., Perez, K.E., Price, R.M. 2014. The Dominance Concept Inventory: a tool for assessing undergraduate student misconceptions about dominance in Mendelian and population genetics. In press, CBE Life Sci Educ.

  • Perez, K.E., Hiatt, A., G.K. Davis, C. Trujillo, M. Terry, D.P. French, R.M. Price. 2013. The EvoDevoCI: A concept inventory for gauging students’ understanding of evolutionary developmental biology. CBE Life Sci Educ. 12:665-675.

    Hiatt, A., G. K. Davis, C. Trujillo, M. Terry, D. P. French, R. M. Price, K. E. Perez. 2013. Getting to evo-devo: concepts and challenges for students learning evolutionary developmental biology. CBE Life Sci Educ 12: 494-508.

    Abraham, J.K., K. E. Perez, J. C. Herron, N. Downey, E. Meir. 2012. Undergraduate student alternate conceptions and acceptance of evolutionary theory before and after a short computer-based lesson plan. CBE Life Sci Educ 11: 152-164 (cover article).

    Andrews, T. M., R. M. Price, L. S. Mead, T. L. McElhinny, A. Thanukos, K. E. Perez, C. F. Herreid, D. R. Terry, P. P. Lemons. 2012. Biology undergraduates’ misconceptions about genetic drift. CBE Life Sci Educ 11: 248-259.