SPIRE highlighted in Bioscience

The SPIRE program is highlighted in the latest edition of the journal Bioscience.  The article describes the program’s structure including collaborations with partner institutions in North Carolina, data collected over the past 4 years on the productivity of postdoctoral scholars, and impacts on undergraduate education.  The paper provides evidence that SPIRE scholars’ scientific productivity (publication rates and presentations at conferences) are not significantly different from postdoctoral scholars not involved in the program.  SPIRE scholars’ productivity is significantly higher than postdoctoral scholars not in the program in the number of courses taught, number of students mentored, and participation in service and professional development opportunities.  SPIRE scholars obtain positions in academia at a rate three times higher than a national sample of postdoctoral scholars with a similar number of years of experience.  Since 2000, SPIRE scholars have taught over 150 courses with more than 2,500 students served. 

Rybarczyk, BJ, Lerea, L, Lund, PK, Whittington, D, and Dykstra, L. 2011. Postdoctoral Training Aligned with the Academic Professoriate. Bioscience 61(9): 699-705.