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Christina Swanson, Ph.D.



University of Michigan
Department of Cell and Developmental Biology


Bob Duronio, Ph.D.


Dr. Swanson is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biology at Arcadia University in Glenside, PA.


  • Fall 2012
    • Cellular Biology, Fayetteville State University
    • Special Topics, Fayetteville State University
  • Spring 2012
    • Cellular Biology, Fayetteville State University


  • Christina I. Swanson, Joy H. Meserve, Patrick C. McCarter, Alexis Thieme, Tony Mathew, Timothy C. Elston, Robert J. Duronio. 2015. Expression of an S phase-stabilized version of the CDK inhibitor Dacapo can alter endoreplication. Development 142: 4288-4298. (cover)
  • Sloan, RS, Swanson CI, Gavilano L, Smith KN, Malek, PY, Snow-Smith, M, Duronio, RJ, Key SC. 2012. Characterization of null and hypomorphic alleles of the Drosophila I(2)dtl/cdt2 gene: Larval lethality and male fertility. Fly 6(3): 173-83.
  • Swanson, CI, Duronio, RJ. 2011. Developmental regulation of replication-coupled protein destruction. Cell Cycle 10(6): 859-60.