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Elizabeth Tita, Ph.D.

School of Public Health
Department of Environmental Science and Engineering


Ph.D. Pharmacology, Howard University College of Medicine


James Swenberg, D.V.M., Ph.D.


My dissertation studies investigated the effect of sequence of administration of cell cycle specific agents on cytotoxicity, when utilized in combination chemotherapy in the treatment of breast cancer cells.

While conducting research I aspire to mentor and teach students. Conducting meaningful research and finding answers to really tough scientific questions quickly looses its value unless this knowledge, along with the methods to obtain such, can be transferred to the next generation. I want to become those who inspired me and more. I want to push myself and my future students to the limits and beyond, and enjoy the journey. The SPIRE program presents a rare opportunity for me to continue to engage in cancer research while simultaneously developing my skills as an educator. My postdoctoral research involved the optimization and development of sensitive assays for the detection of DNA adducts, followed by dose response comparisons for adducts and mutations at low exposures, so that the scientific basis of risk assessment can be more adequately established.


  • Fall 2008
    • General Biology: Winston Salem State University


  • Swenberg, JA, Fryar-Tita, E, Jeong, Yo-Chan, Boysen, G, Starr, T, Walker, V, Albertini, R. (2008) Biomarkers in Toxicology and Risk Assessment: Informing Critical Dose-Response Relationships. Chem. Res. Toxicol. 21: 253-265.