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Javier Rivera Guzman , Ph.D.

Pharmacology, Center for Gastrointestinal Biology & Disease


Indiana University School of Medicine
Microbiology & Immunology


Christian Jobin, Ph.D.


Dr. Rivera Guzman is a Lecturer at the University of Maryland Baltimore County in Baltimore, MD.


  • Fall 2011
    • Cancer Biology, Johnson C. Smith University
    • Cell Biology, Johnson C. Smith University
  • Spring 2011
    • Science, Technology & Ethics, Johnson C. Smith University


  • Guzman JR, Conlin VS, Jobin C.2013. Diet, microbiome, and the intestinal epithelium: an essential triumvirate? Biomed Res Int. 425146. PMC3613061
  • Guzman JR, Koo JS, Goldsmith JR, Mühlbauer M, Narula A, Jobin C. 2013.Oxymatrine prevents NF-κB nuclear translocation and ameliorates acute intestinal inflammation. Sci Rep. 3:1629. PMCID: PMC3620667
  • Chen H, Hayek S, Rivera Guzman J, Gillitt ND, Ibrahim SA, Jobin C, Sang S. 2012. The microbiota is essential for the generation of black tea theaflavins-derived metabolites. PLoS One. 7(12):e51001. PMCID:PMC3515489