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Kayt Scott, Ph.D.



University of Colorado-Anschutz Medical Campus

Cell Biology, Stem Cells, and Development


Kacy Gordon, Ph.D.


In 2021, I received my PhD in Cell Biology, Stems Cells and Development at the University of Colorado -Anschutz Medical Campus under the mentorship of Dr. Bruce Appel. Overall, the Appel lab is interested in understanding various aspects of oligodendrocyte development and the mechanisms that regulate myelination, using the zebrafish spinal cord as a model. Specifically,  my graduate research focused on understanding the origins of oligodendrocyte precursor cells and the mechanisms that guide the motor neuron-oligodendrycte fate switch in the ventral spinal cord. Utilizing scRNA-sequencing, I uncovered two temporally and transcriptionally distinct populations of ventral progenitors, one that specifies into motor neurons and another that forms the oligodendrocyte lineage. Additionally, I found that the transcriptional repressor, Prdm8, inhibits the motor neuron-oligodendrocyte switch.

Since the completion of my graduate training, I have joined the SPIRE post-doctoral program here at UNC-Chapel Hill and am conducting research under Dr. Kacy Gordon’s mentorship. The Gordon lab seeks to understand how different somatic cells in the C. elegans stem-cell niche influence the organization of the gonad and the behavior of germ stem cells through out development. My post-doctoral studies will be aimed at investigating the transcriptional changes that regulate DTC (somatic gonad cell) migration in larval worms and how DTC interactions with gonadal Sh1 cells control germ stem cell differentiation. As a SPIRE fellow, I look forward to advancing my abilities as an educator and to gain training in course development.