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Kendra Sewall, Ph.D.

Department of Biology


University of California Davis
Animal Behavior


Keith Sockman, Ph.D.


Dr. Sewall is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA


  • Spring 2010
    • General Biology, North Carolina A&T State University


  • Sewall, KB, Caro, SP, Sockman, KW. 2013. Song competition affects monoamine levels in sensory and motor forebrain regions of the male Lincoln’s sparrows. PlosONe 8:e59857. PMCID:PMC3608548
  • Sewall KB; Dankoski EC; Sockman KW; 2010. Song environment affects singing effort and vasotocin immunoreactivity in the forebrain of male Lincoln’s sparrows. Hormones and Behavior  58(3):544-53. PMCID: PMC2916047.
  • Caro, S. P., K. B. Sewall, K. G. Salvante and K. W. Sockman. 2010. Female Lincoln’s sparrows modulate their behavior in response to variation in male song quality. Behavioral Ecology.21(3):562-569.
  • Sewall, K. B. 2010. Early social learning of discrete call variants in red crossbills: implications for reliable signaling. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology. 65:157-166.