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Ph.D. Cell Biology, Duke University


Richard Cheney, Ph.D.


Dr. Omar Quintero is currently an Assistant Professor of Biology at the University of Richmond


  • Spring 2005
    • Molecular Biology of the Cell: North Carolina Central University
  • Spring 2004
    • Molecular and Cellular Biology: Shaw University


  • Kerber, ML, Jacobs, DT, Campagnola, L, Dunn, BD, Yin, T, Sousa, AD, Quintero, OA, and Cheney, RE. (2009) A novel form of motility in filopodia revealed by imaging myosin-X at the single-molecule level. Curr. Biol. 19 (11):967-973.
  • Quintero, OA, DiVito, MM, Adikes, RC, Kortan, MB, Case, LB, Lier, AJ, Paneretos, NS, Slater, SQ, Rengarajan, M, Feliu, M, and Cheney, RE. (2009) Human Myo19 is a novel myosin that associates with mitochondria. Curr. Biol. 19 (23):2008-2013.
  • Sigal, Y. J., Quintero, O. A., Cheney, R. E., and Morris, A. J. (2007) Cdc42 and ARP2/3-independent regulation of filopodia by an integral membrane lipid-phosphatase-related protein. J Cell Sci. 120(Pt 2):340-52.