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Sara Marlatt, Ph.D.

Microbiology & Immunology


Yale University – Genetics


Peggy Cotter, Ph.D.


  • Bone MA- Wilk AJ- Perault AI- Marlatt SA– Scheller EV- Anthouard R- Chen Q- Stibitz S- Cotter PA- Julio SM. Bordetella PlrSR regulatory system controls BvgAS activity and virulence in the lower respiratory tract.. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 2017 Feb 21;114(8):E1519-E1527
  • Garcia EC, Perault AI, Marlatt SA, Cotter PA. 2016. Interbacterial signaling via Burkholderia contact-dependent growth inhibition system proteins. PNAS 113: 8296-8301. PMCID: PMC4961174.