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The Future Of Postdoctoral Education

SPIRE has created a national model that demonstrates a successful holistic approach to postdoctoral development. A total of 109 SPIRE scholars to date, have exited the program and obtained the career placement of their choice upon completion of the program including faculty positions at research intensive institutions, masters degree granting institutions, primarily undergraduate institutions, and community colleges. See where past scholars are: UNCCH SPIRE Infographic of Placements – Sept 2022 SPIRE enables scholars to exit as:

  • Science professionals skilled at balancing research, teaching and service
  • Scientists achieving research accomplishments equal to those of traditional postdocs
  • Educators using innovative techniques to engage students
  • Academicians securing tenure-track positions
  • Scholars contributing to diversity in science careers

To learn more, outcomes from SPIRE have been published:

Rybarczyk, BJ, Lerea, L, Whittington, D, and Dykstra, L. 2016. Analysis of Postdoctoral Training Outcomes that Broaden Participation in Science Careers. Special issue for Broadening Participation in CBE Life Sciences Education. 15(3). 1-11.

Rybarczyk, BJ, Lerea, L, Lund, PK, Whittington, D, and Dykstra, L. 2011. Postdoctoral Training Aligned with the Academic Professoriate. Bioscience61(9): 699-705.

Influencing the Scientists of Tomorrow

SPIRE’s partnership with four partner institutions allows undergraduates to learn more about the science profession and to learn research skills in the laboratory. They benefit from:

  • Engaging science instruction through active teaching techniques of SPIRE scholars
  • Knowledge of scientific research and state-of-the-art techniques imparted by SPIRE scholars
  • Opportunities to pursue mentored research internships at UNC-Chapel Hill
  • Learn to establish independent research programs at a variety of institutions