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Vicki Newton Bali, Ph.D.

Medicine – Gastro & Hepatology


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Cell & Molecular Physiology


Scott Magness, Ph.D.


Dr. Newton is now an Assistant Professor in the department of biology at Georgia Gwinnett College.


  • Fall 2012
    • Cell Biology, Johnson C. Smith University
  • Spring 2012
    • Cell Biology, Johnson C. Smith University


  • Roche KC, Gracz AD, Liu XF, Newton, V, Akiyama H, Magness ST. SOX9 Maintains Reserve Stem Cells and Preserves Radioresistance in Mouse Small Intestine. Gastroenterology. 2015 Nov;149(6):1553-1563
  • Newton VA, Ramocki NM, Scull BP, Simmons JG, McNaughton K, and Lund PK. Suppressor of cytokine signaling-2 gene disruption promotes ApcMin/+ tumorigenesis and AP-1 activation. Am. J. Path. 2010 May;176(5):2320-32
  • Murph MM, Hurst-Kennedy J, Newton V, Brindley DN, Radhakrishna H. Lysophosphatidic acid decreases the nuclear localization and cellular abundance of the p53 tumor suppressor in A549 lung carcinoma cells. Mol Cancer Res. 2007 Nov;5(11):1201-11.